we should be able to get it sorted based on that site


it looks like mixesdb has them all though so i think its not really a big deal


and then i would have the dillema, do i just leave gaps or overlaps, or do i edit each one since 2012 to match the correct count


My biggest fear though was that there might be some debate on a few of them being counted as a single episode, which might throw off the count once I reached the modern ones that I started archiving again in 2012


Yeah i was using that page to make sure they are in order and numbered correctly

drumaddict chicago:

I’ve just been adding the ones I listen to over and over but now I will add missing essential mixes until I pass out

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Member Mixes

niichavo - beneath the opera - may 31, 2023

Mayor | Last Call | 02142023

slower vibrations 04 - niichavo - Feb 12, 2023

niichavo - electric frequencies Jan 27, 2023

niichavo - random nyc 014 - Jan 8, 2023

niichavo - peace fingers 02 - Dec 23. 2022

dez - adidas spzl mix 88-18 - 2023/01/13

re5etuk - PlinkyPlonk - 2023/01/07

re5etuk - Jingle Jangle Mangle 2 - 2022/12/18

niichavo - nov 3, 2022 - random nyc 013

niichavo - last days of summer 02 - Sep 2022

niichavo - aug 12, 2022 this must be the place (friday night edition)


niichavo - earthly vibrations - jul 9, 2022

MAYOR | Aurora B. | 06262022

Mayor | Blue Star | 05142022

niichavo - the best part of mushrooms - march 27, 2022

niichavo - minimal chill - jan 30, 2022

niichavo - last dance on mystic beach - feb 05 2022

niichavo - sometimes 2022.01.08

niichavo - random nyc 10 - dec 2021

niichavo - last days of summer - Sep 2021

Mayor | After Hour Vibes | 08292021

niichavo - bk rooftops - aug 15 2021

Mayor | Throwback 2 HipHop | 07102021

Jim Rogers - Flashback 06 - MR#5

Was rummaging around in the attic the other day and came across a dusty box of Minidiscs (remember those?) and in amongst them was a recording of a set I put together way back in 2006. So many memories came flooding back when I stuck this one on, so I felt compelled to give it an upload. With a tracklist inspired by a variety of EMs from around that time, I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as I enjoyed rediscovering it.

niichavo - peace fingers - June 2021

Mayor | Stage 3 | 04252021

niichavo - random nyc 05 Apr 2021

Meet me after lockdown

How to stay sane during a pandemic..

I like house but techno gives me a boner

The rest is just a figment of my imagination


Topo - Teatris Show 004,Active Brand 048,Mcast 057

Topo - Teatris Show 004 (Insomniafm)_deep mix_
Download Link:


Topo Presents_Active Brand 048 (Insomniafm)
Download Link:

1.Korablove - Sociopath (feat. Ed Vertov) [Pro-Tez]
2.Nadja Lind - A Choice [Lucidflow]
3.Andreas Bergmann - Eagel steagel [Outside The Box Music]
4.Mike Montano - Volar (Montano Sunset Mix) [Deep Trip]
5.Juan Lombardo - Deep track [Deep Nota Records]
6.Levi Verspeek - Feeble (Elkan Frank Remix) [iFROMINAL]
7.Dynamik Dave - SaltLife [Lip Recordings]
8.Lorenzo Bartoletti - Slight Needles (Barem Remix) [Mindshake Records]
9.Outcode & Andres Power - El Fuckero [Deux Minds Records]
10.Juan Mejia & DJ Wady - Gypsy Eyes (Metodi Hristov Remix) [Dutchie Music]


Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 057
Download Link:


Topo - Bon Voyage 013,Active Brand 044,Mcast 053

DJ Topo Presents_Active Brand 044 (
Download Link:

1.Cozzy D & Eric Volta - The Gift (Kevin Griffiths Northern) [Four:Twenty Recordings]
2.Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist - Pixie Bob [Voltaire Music]
3.Green Velvet - Flash (Channel X Remix) [Tretmuehle]
4.Cool Brothers - 32 Dip [Vulcania Records]
5.Chase Buch - Little Things [Monique Musique]
6.Jeff Mason - Illuminate (Hollen Remix) [Dirty Deluxe Records]
7.Jose M & TacoMan - Tom Collins [The Room]
8.Hollen - Pin Puk (Tony Dee Remix) [Prospect Records]
9.Jon Rundell - Can't Stop [Rekluse]
10.Jay Lumen - All I Want [100% Pure]


Topo Presents_Bon Voyage 013 (Midnight Sound Radio)
Download Link:

1.Zielgruppe - Naughty Child (Naugthy By Nature Remix)
2.Markus Homm - Gone To Soon
3.Okain - Bring Back The Cows (Barem Remix)
4.Franksend and Tom Wax - Tschuwanna
5.Prompt - Mechanic
6.David Herrero - Deeper Mind
7.Glovibes - Milk & Pepper (Ismael Rivas Factomania remix)
8.Supernova (Italy) - Reelin'
9.Jawoo & Static Sense - Pray With Us (Igor Krsmanovic)
10.Toni Rico & Bobkomyns -The Keys Of The Soul


DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 053
Download Link:


DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 048

DJ Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 048
Melodic progressive-house mix decorated with soft sounds
Download Link: