we should be able to get it sorted based on that site


it looks like mixesdb has them all though so i think its not really a big deal


and then i would have the dillema, do i just leave gaps or overlaps, or do i edit each one since 2012 to match the correct count


My biggest fear though was that there might be some debate on a few of them being counted as a single episode, which might throw off the count once I reached the modern ones that I started archiving again in 2012


Yeah i was using that page to make sure they are in order and numbered correctly

drumaddict chicago:

I’ve just been adding the ones I listen to over and over but now I will add missing essential mixes until I pass out

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drumaddict chicago13262

Bedrock 12 mix - [Rossco1977]

  • Title: Bedrock 12 mix - [Rossco1977]
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Length: 105:48 minutes (242.15 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

Straight mix, no interuptions


Taken from Soundcloud (permission granted from the DJ)
1 Nick Warren - In Search Of Silver (Ambient Mix)
2 Sistema - Krace Gelly
3 Maetrik - Glob Monster
4 Wiretappeur - Too Much Space
5 Vincenzo & Lovebirds - Epic
6 Quivver - Orgazoid 1
7 Wehbba - Mammut
8 Tone Depth - Rumblefish (Diyo Remix)
9 John Digweed & Nick Muir - Bilder
10 King Unique & Anthony Pappa - Vamoosh
11 John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satelite (Maetrik Funky Mix)
12 Quivver - Orgazoid 2
13 Max Cooper - Ediolic Spectra
14 King Unique - Spikes
15 Christian Smith - System Of Survival
16 Alan Fitzpatrick - Involve
17 Misstress Barbara - Azzuri (Luis Junior Remix)
18 Robert Babicz - Welcome To The 90's
19 Wiretappeur - Too Much Space (Reprise)
Rating Average: 8.6 (8 votes)



cheers for that mate :) hope you guys enjoy it :)

have tried...

i have been trying to upload it but not getting anywhere, heres the link would be grateful if you or munkyn could up it for me maybe ;)


Posted! :) Cheers :)

didn't realise i was!

didn't realise i was! tried to create an account to say cheers for the comments and found i was alredy a member!! just putting a mix i did today up on soundcloud :)

If you wouldn't mind, you

If you wouldn't mind, you should upload it on here, too! :)

Ah rossco77, if I'd known

Ah rossco77, if I'd known you were on mixriot I would of let you upload and reap all the benefits, it will go on the sometime this weekend

many thanks!

glad to hear you guys like the mix, nice to have some feedback.

My compliments

My compliments sir, and my gratitude.
[bows extravagantly and doffs cap]

I will have a look and get

I will have a look and get back to you

Ok ok, I marked it member

Ok ok, I marked it member because its mix from person, i.e. a run of the mill DJ who leads a normal life, however not me in this case, all I was doing was passing on mixed version of the bedrock 12 album as mentioned on the bedrock forums...

Believe me, when I post a mix (soon) you can comment on it and rip it to pieces or otherwise!! :)

Please post soon so I can

Please post soon so I can rip it apart! (hehe, j/k! :P )

If you look very closely, you can find some of my mixes on this site . . . all 3 I posted were recorded live while spinning out on Saturday nights at a small club in Florida. Be gentle, haha! :P

Mallam for the record, I am

Mallam for the record, I am "NOT" Rossco1977 as I said I aspire to be as good as this chap!!!!!

Then why is it marked MEMBER

Then why is it marked MEMBER MIX? I don't believe you! It's you, I know it! :)

munkyn, are you by any

munkyn, are you by any chance Rossco1977? Admit it! It's your mix, I know it! :)

Great stuff here :)

Sharing is caring chaps,

Sharing is caring chaps, glad you like it I do toooo!!!!

He's right you know

Completely agree with the above - this is awesome!

Oh, and...

Massive thanks to Munkyn for sourcing and upping it, too :-)

Mind boggling

It boggles my mind that a mix this f***ing good is available for free, this easily. I'm not just talking about the tunes or the programming of the mix, it's the fidelity too and the sheer accessibility. Listen to that first track on your headphones. The mix is so deep, it's so right up my street at the moment. And all I need is a browser. It gets it right in every possible way, and it's my first 10/10.