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All good stuff drumaddict! Thank you!

drumaddict chicago:

Also want to say it’s Very nice to see Dodisman start posting again Very Cool

drumaddict chicago:

I just have a large collection it’s an addiction for me and it’s doing nothing sitting on external drives

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drumaddict chicago13102

Charlie May - Transitions Episode 251

  • Length: 56:00 minutes (76.92 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Charlie May
Transitions Episode 251

Charlie May:
01 Charlie May - Nice Day
02 Charlie May - Hollow Point
03 Charlie May - Untitled
04 Glen Morrison - Orange Glow (Charlie May Dub Bonus Beats)
05 Charlie May - Untitled
06 The Waterlillies - Tempted (Spooky Remix Cb Bonus Beats)
07 Charlie May - Splinter
08 Charlie May - Untitled
09 Charlie May - Demons Among Us
10 The Quantum Mechanics - Outside The Inside (Charlie May Remix Bonus Beats)
11 Charli May - Untitled
12 Pindrop - Madhouse
13 Spooky - Untitled
14 Charlie May - Not My Cat
15 Spooky - Untitled
16 The Chameleon Project - Feel (Spooky Remix)
17 Charlie May - Feeding The Hand That Bites
18 Spooky - Shunt
19 Charlie May - Gkp
Rating Average: 9.4 (5 votes)


Very Impressive I was amaze

Very Impressive I was amaze with song itself. For sure many viewers will like it

seo photographer

Mayhem Vol 1

This Transitions mix is also the CD release called "Mayhem Vol 1" that was released through High Note Records in 2009.

Here is the link to the release on Discogs:

track 3

is Charlie May - Apache (Max Mix)

Saw him in January this

Saw him in January this year, he was absolutely electrifying. !!! Expected him to be good, but he just exceeded my wildest expectations. There was a group of us just going totally crazy, and he didn't come on until 4,00am Definitely one of my highlights of the year.

great mix

the man is a legend

They certainly don't come

They certainly don't come much better than this! Defined my 2009! Legend!

Only 89 plays

Pity. This is an epic mix that deserves more recognition

Magic track

Can anyone name the track that starts about 18 mins in? Its hard to work out from the tracklist posted, but its one of the best on this mix.

Any mix...

that has the chameleon project - feel on it is going to work for me.

spot on

seen his name on a lot of records, aldums etc. this is the first time ive heard him stitch records together and no disappointment.