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Craig Album Defining Era III

  • Title: Craig Album Defining Era III
  • Artist: Craig Album
  • Length: 116:00 minutes (159.31 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Here is the final instalment of my Defining Era series. Tracks that over the years have torn dancefloors to shreds, envoked high fives and knowing nods. And most importantly, stood the test of time and technology. I've included originals, classic remixes and more recent re-rubs that have stayed loyal to the epic-ness of the tracks to give the mix as fresh a feel as possible. This was the music that inspired me many years ago - and continues to today. Hope I've put it together in a way that does it justice. This was and is - the defining era.... Craig Album

Rating Average: 9.3 (22 votes)



I'm lovin these defining an era mixes - keep up the good work. Any chance of a couple more classics sets?

Peace out!

Made me Fall in Love with Trance :O)

Craig Album right now is probably one of my favorite djs....I've listened to about 20 hours of his stuff, and it just rocks rocks flaws, no dull moments....just when the music stops....

Who is this Guy and where can I learn more !!

Lenny Mauricio
Palm Beach TV, Inc.

missed one out of orignial list


tranceport 1 and out there and back

were the first discs I ever bought getting into electronic music. So all the tracks on both of them hold special places. I love the as the gamemaster......

i thought the gamemaster mix was superb!

the original was the original and untouchable, but a more progressive trance take than the signum mix which was a bit tame?
i suppose thats what makes music so interesting - different perspectives...


Took me out of my state of listening to write the same thing.

i do have a problem with this mix

with the karl g mixes? of gamemaster. They are rubbish....original and signum please and thank you!


It was done by a Canadian, which always got massive points in my book, even tho it is one province to the east. The driving vocal with immense bassline and the chords as well, always was a huge record for Sasha and Digweed and the like and then when it was given the 10th Anniversary release (showed up on Nubreed 9). It is not a track that you equate with that time but it was done during that time. Another track like that, is Dollshead - its over, its under (bir remix). Driving....

Craig album the dogs balls or what

this guy is a breath of fresh air to dance music so what if its old tunes with mixes we dont know which are preety dam good is it not about reliving them moments in sweaty clubs to these class tunes keep up the good work

technique - the sun is shining

immense! matt darey was the man back in the day.
and agree hmcmurren - rumblefish is a forgotten classic.

Unique tracklist there craig

excellent that rumblefish was added. Such a forgotten track but it does the business....nasty bassline.

gatecrasher disco tech

not to be confused with the compilation that came out just after it called disco tech generation. disco tech is for me the best gatecrasher comp, just ahead of wet. two amazing trance albums.

check out this tracklist:

Plasma CD1
Leftfield / Bambaataa* – Afrika Shox (In "Gatecrasher 2000" Segue) 5:34
Satoshi Tomiie Feat. Kelli Ali – Up In Flames 5:24
Bedrock – Heaven Scent 3:26
Neve – Sacrifice (Alaska Vocal Mix) 6:07
Timo Maas – Der Schieber 2:58
Planisphere – Deep Blue Dream 4:08
Equate – Texture 3:57
Re-al – Oblivion 5:32
Blue Amazon – Coming Home (Transa Remix) 3:20
Silent Harmony – Save The Whales (Vincent De Moor Remix) 3:50
Free Radical – Unity Theme (Thrillseekers Remix) 4:08
Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun (Saturday Mix) 4:13
Jose Amnesia – The Eternal 4:24
DJ Jan – X-Santo (Transa Remix) 3:13
Tomski Feat. Jan Johnston – Love Will Come 5:04
TR Junior Feat. Kirsty* – Rock With Me (Lange Vocal Mix) 3:14
Pulser – Cloudwalking 3:20
Airscape – L'Esperanza (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Mix) 4:40

Future CD2
Samuel Barber – Adagio For Strings (Arr. Of The 2nd Movement Of String Quartet, OP. 11) (Theme From Platoon) 1:06
Skip Raiders – Another Day 6:26
Atlantis – Voyager II 4:23
New World Project – Orion 4:51
Spectre (4) – Spectrum (Original Mix) 4:37
Natious – Flashpoint (Christian West Remix) 4:10
Marc N' Ace – Conquest Paradise 5:47
Shane – C'est Musique (Armin Remix) 4:10
Sunscreem – Exodus (Push Remix) 4:20
Olmec Heads, The – Magic Man (Original Mix) 4:08
Balearic Bill – Destination Sunshine (DJ Tiesto Remix) 4:34
Mea Culpa – Spiritual Light (John '00' Flemming Remix) 5:07
V One* – Dead Cities 5:19
Mat Silver – Sunshine (Club Mix) 3:39
Badlands – Let Them Know 3:21
Solar Stone* – Seven Cities (V-One's 'Living Cities' Remix) 5:32
Rank 1 – Airwave 4:44


Lost Tribe - Angel
The Craftsmen - One Day (Spiritchaser Terrace Mix)
Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Extended Vocal Remix)
Tonedepth - Rumblefish (Tonedepth 10 Year Anniversary Remix)
Underworld - Dark & Long (Christian Smith Tronic Remix)
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Karl G and Jamesie A Side Remix)
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Karl G and Jamesie AA Side Remix)
Binary Finary - 1998 (Vadim Soloviev Remix)
Mory Kante, Love Rush UK - Yeke Yeke (Solarstone Deep & Throbbing Remix)
Axwell - Feel The Vibe (Dub Remix)
Dirty Old Ann - Turn Me On (Extended Vocal Remix)
Serge Devant - Sweet Harmony (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
Private Productions - Sex Drive
Jan Johnstone, Tenisha - Flesh (Glenn Morrison Remix)
Grace - Not Over Yet (Robert Vadney Remix)
Technique - The Sun Is Shining (Mash Up Matt Remix)
Vincent De Moor - Fly Away
Olmec Heads - Spiritualised (Astral Remix)
Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun (Saturday Mix)
Solarstone - Seven Cities (V-One's 'Living Cities' Remix)

Olmec Heads - Spiritualised

Olmec Heads - Spiritualised

Jeez what a track!

what about

the in trance we trust series......the 1-5 (not the non tiesto stuff)
The gatecrasher stuff was immense.....especially black.

Since you asked the question.....all of the ones I listed are EPIC in my mind


PvD - For An Angel
Fatboy Slim - Gangster Trippin
Push - Universal Nation
Three Drives - Greece 2000
Art Of Trance - Madagascar
Dominion - Lost Without You
BT - Godspeed


Garbage - When I grow up (Tenaglia Mix)
Jam and Spoon - Stella
Origin - Wide Eyed Angel (FMM Mix)
DT - Turn Me On (Bedrock Mix)
Lost Witness - Happiness Happining (lange mix)
Tilt - Children (Tilt's Courtyard Mix) --->the most epic of all of them
Johnny Shaker - Pearl River
Gouryella - Gouryella


Carl Cox - Phuture 2000 (Hybrid Mix)
Hybrid - Finished Symphony ---->extremely epic
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Signum Mix)...reminds me of tranceport 1
Lustral - Everytime (Koglin Mix) ----> every mix qualifies cept the new ones and yunus mixes)
Synaesthesia ---> Huge PvD fave and fave of mine....
Blank and Jones - Cream ----> huge pvd fave and never bores me
Chicane - Saltwater ---->such a beautiful vocal and track
Cygnus X - Orange Theme (such a classic in my mind)
Olmec Heads - Spiritual Heads....joof fave...

Well its subjective.....

I'll concur on that...

all top tracks, I haven't listened to Red or wet to much but I recognise most of them

Munkyn has a great point

Munkyn has a great point though.... many tracks off Gatecrasher Black are classics in your opinion?

In my opinion bloody shed loads!!!

Mainly disc 2 though.

But what about Gatecrasher Red and Gatecrasher Wet?

You could make a Trance Bible out of the tracks on those albums!

I've heard it said before, Trance peaked around 99/2000.

Those albums remind me of why that's probably true.


Disc 2 on Gatecrasher - Black, I think I only ever played that one out of that black velvety case!!!!

tis my point

its all subjective.....but I was thinking of typing a book you know.

I guess your opinion of a

I guess your opinion of a track depends on how well you know it/knew it, and what it 'does' for you.

As a result - it is purely subjective - and perceptional, so opinions are merely personal and hence impersonal to others.

No one should care if they don't share those opinions with ~ whoever else.

I'm sure my opinions on music and favourite tracks do not match Sasha or Digweed or Warren or Alfredo.

I couldn't give a shit.

In fact, I rejoice in it!

Got to just say again though: Beachball - in it's original mix - mind blowing for me.

Not least because of the memories of clubs I heard it in and so many memories it rekoves for me.

But mainly it's because I just LOVE that track!

'Tis a work of art in my opinion.

defining era

I personally think that Beachball and Bullet In The Gun defined that era. Personally Beachball has always had a soft spot in my view. I see what you mean tho, the mix was great not in the epic sense but a very good mix, some tracks are not what I would title in the defining era sense.

As for Munkyn, I see what you mean but if you go with Prototype, the fourth one should not qualify, it was released in 2001 and was more big room tunes and I would say it pushes more of the progressive and house boundaries at times. You did have mark lowdnes, cirque....excellent album

I agree with Munkyn that he is untitled to his opinion. Its like Canada picking an ice hockey team for any pick the 25 for the bloody team and you have people fighting that why did we pick him or that guy. When we could field two solid hockey teams in any competition.

Its like that with music.....personally whatever tracks that album wants to use....he should use. Its personal opinion....

I do think that we throw around the epic too often, just like the word love...but then that's my opinion.

I'm going to upset everyone..

As far as I'm concerned this mix has some good tracks,(Beachball, Rabbit in the Gun) however its not what I would call an EPIC mix and if you're going to play Trance classics from the 90s I would play the remixes or tracks that everyone knows, some of these remixes I have never heard and definitely don't remember them or like the "new" re-rubs. I would of taken tracks from something like:-

Gatecrasher (black)
Additive (I)
Clubber's Guide To Ibiza 1998 (Tong & Judge Jules)
GU : Prototype 1-4
Introspective of house vol 3, 2nd dimension or even Platinum

At the end of the day, I'm entitled to my opinion and so is everyone else, but no doubt to the Craig-purists this will go againist the grain of what I've said, which if I'm honest I don't really care about.

As far as tracklisting well good luck with that.


this is when trance was at its best!

best of the defining era trilogy

I have all 3 on my ipod now for trips down memory lane. They're all great, but this one is stunning!

Agree - tracklist would be great.

10/10 A****

This set just had to have Beachball in it! Awesome track and the best version of it imho. Reminds me of the summer of 1997.


I put this on last night and oh my lord!! incredible mix! Great remixes too - can you post a tracklist?

Those were the days!!! Straight to favourites. I love these defining era mixes!

Superb work Craig!!