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drumaddict chicago9272

Craig Album LIVE @ EndUp Halloween Special - 29/10/11

  • Title: Craig Album Volume 43
  • Artist: Craig Album
  • Length: 93:00 minutes (127.72 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 
Rating Average: 9.1 (20 votes)



Easily one of my favorites now.. Stimpack-Wander at 1:05 is so money


wooow... what a great...session... cheers up... boss...


doesnt use this site anymore so need to worry about him


Not sure what this Munkyn guy is on. Craig is one of the best there is at the moment and out of the 20 years I have listened to house and trance, he's one of the best I've heard coming out of the UK... Keep it up! Great tunes and consistently quality mixes

This guy is Solid

I've been given the opportunity to listen to music now for the last month or so for at least 12-15 hours a day for 6-7 days a week....It's why I renewed my Mixriot license -

I listen to lot of music diff genres styles whatever you want to call it as well as other genres - 80s, jazz, rock, whatever I got my music fix back because I have time to listen to music now -

My fav dj of all time is Hernan Cattaneo, his mixes are solid and they actually have substance, in terms of just good music universal appeal -

With Craig's style, I've listened to a lot of them the last two weeks, I would say it is a fresh breath of air to the scene... It's just solid good music all around no flaws -

Lenny Mauricio
Palm Beach TV, Inc.

this is how

fucking discussions should be on a music site, everyone does not agree but it is interesting and lively!...from a personal viewpoint, I am not a big fan of craig album but he has a huge following and he personally enjoys what he does, which a lot of deejays these days do not. Lots of them just do it for the money.....the love of the music puts the passion into it.

fuck I love this

who the hell cares about the mix, this is the best discussion on here I have seen in fucking ages!

Craig is the best!!!!

I voted 10 5 times!!!

U mad Munkyn??

you're so predictable,

bore off waldo


I thought it was ok, nothing special

im assuming this set was a

im assuming this set was a warm-up set and not a peak time mix. if so, that should be taken into consideration.

track on 19mins? can anyone id?

hypnotises me!

Right - I'll settle this

I've not listened to this yet but I will and then I'll let you know whether is good or not? ;)

i really like!

for what its worth! lovely sound!


3 things

1 - If you don't like Craig's mixes I have a great idea - don't listen, don't check out other peoples comments, and don't waste you time commenting

2 - If people listen and like someone's mixes they are allowed to state so and if they like it a lot they can also say so. People in the free world are entitled to their own opinion, freedom of choice and speech. Not everyone has the same taste. In addition clearly not everyone has to have the same views as you.

3 - get yourself a tub of vaseline, and mag, nip off too the toilet and relieve yourself as you clearly have too much pent up anger and testosterone as you need a release

Warm Regards

As a ...

Yorkshire man, I live by this.... "I saaaaay what I like, I like what I saaaay" so thanks for the advice, but I'll politely decline!! :D


Where's the love? It's all good.

I just knocked up my first ever mix

I just knocked up my first ever mix, a 90 minute sort of Proggy into Tech-Trance then moves into Psy/Goa-Trance effort.... should I put it up here to get ripped to shreds guys? I might do. I'm thick skinned luckily!

Richard, please do. would be

Richard, please do. would be good to hear your work, cheers

def upload it. Who cares if

def upload it. Who cares if someone doesn't like it, ya can't please them all. It sounds like a pretty cool mix progression.


munykn, his sh*t can't smell half as bad as the rubbish that comes out your mouth (or off your keyboard!).

are you single by any chance? xx

oh look you've crawled out

oh look you've crawled out from under your stone again, how interesting for you to add your worthless comments once more! FYI no I'm not


For the comments. I like the music I play, else I wouldn't play it. Not enough to vote myself a 10 though!

I also didn't kill munkyns firstborn. Hold on. Unless.................

Craig, you didn't and I

Craig, you didn't and I don't have anything againist you, its just the people who rant on about your mixes, everyone should open their eyes to new DJs and genres that stretch electronic house and make it what is. I do and have done since I started listening back in 1987


i have personally listened 3 times to this now, before commenting - and i saw on your top dj poll that you like melodic prog etc... so how come you don't like this mix? no one is saying they don't listen to other djs/genres/mixes - but for all fans of this style of edm, it is very good stuff. have a non-judgemental listen and let it take you away! freddie.

had a listen

and i like it, 9 out of 10! melodic house, few vocals and the mix builds nicely from start to finish. i personally have a lot of respect for craig, he takes the time to record mixes, upload them on here and he's developed a strong support base. it might not be everyone's cup of tea but thats fine too :)


Another good add by Craig, Keep at it.......

hugs munkyn

congrats for being original....

its always good...

to see the reaction of the "fans" of craigs album, honestly he's did one good mix as far as I can remember on here and that was it, after that I got bored. I don't just rave about it, just because its his mix and has to be amazing... As far as I'm concerned its like being an apple fan boy freak....just because someone puts something out there, we all have to love, absorb and think its no music is subjective and theres far better music on here, so I suggest all the fans try something else as well as theres so much music to choose from not just "the album"

I'll check it out...

and see what I think!


munkyn does not give a shit what people think and neither do the craig fans. Its music people, its fucking subjective....lmao....grow up....turn whatever you are listening to...right the fuck up and let it take over. If anyone needs chillout music, contact me...I got plenty of ideas :)


dude, munkyn, did craig kill your firstborn child or something?


Calm down, if Craig wanted to vote his mix a 10 then let him.....


Tbh most of his mixes are a 10 anyway!! hahahaha


I totally agree with you.

to be honest...

I don't care who listens to it, I don't. I just think it should be upto everyone else to vote, not give yourself a 10 and enlarge your own ego.... that smacks of "my s**t smells better than everyone elses...


Unless the uploader himself voted and had previewed the set himself. Just a possibility.

Yawn....Superficial and false voting once more...

this mix was uploaded 24minutes ago and the mix is 93 minutes long, do I need a calculator to work out whoever voted hasn't listened to this mix?