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DJ Dopamine - New Technology #019

  • Title: DJ Dopamine - New Technology Podcast #019 (March 2022)
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Album: New Technology Podcast
  • Year: 2022
  • Genre: Progressive House
  • Length: 206:51 minutes (458.95 MB)
  • Format: MP4 Stereo 44kHz 308Kbps
Style of Music: 
01. Juan Sapia - Cibola (Gaston Ponte Remix)
02. Tonaco - Angle Renovation (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix) [Transensations Records]
03. Hacobb - Outland Expanse (Original Mix) [Another Life Music]
04. Volkan Erman - Daydream (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
05. Unusual Soul - Eternal Time (Original Mix)
06. Mark Found - Go Up Go Down (Original Mix)
07. EDLands - Lonely Heart (Original Mix)
08. J Lauda - Varuna (Dany Dz Remix) [SLC-6 Music]
09. David Podhel - Europa (Original Mix)
10. Leo Perez & Andre Moret - Sol Da Meia Noite (JFR Remix) [Nature Rec]
11. Hobin Rude - Pietas (Askin Dedeoglu Remix)
12. Around Us - Ivory (Volkan Erman Remix)
13. Bynomic - Amethyst [Another Life Music]
14. Francisco Castro - The Sea (Leo Perez & Dhany G ft. Gabycgl Remix) [Transensations]
15. Dunadry, Francisco Basso - Lost in Dagobah (Original Mix)
16. EDLands - Voices of Universe (Oiginal Mix)
17. Antrim - Loose Soul [Or Two Strangers]
18. RYAN (CUB) - From The Future (Andrés Moris Remix) [Transensations]
19. Agustin Vitale - Wasn't Waiting For This (The Real Xperience Remix)
20. Alan Cerra - Ascension [Higher States]
21. Teklix - Hyperlight (Original Mix)
22. Jerome Isma-Ae - Baharat (Kyotto Remix) [JEE Productions]
23. Sam Scheme - Jhahbul Aliev (Leo Perez, Dhany G Remix)
24. Skyhunter - Sunday Morning (ID.Jay Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
25. Agustin Vitale - S.O.S. (GSEP Remix)
26. Ultraverse - Celtic Ring (Original Mix)
27. Following Light - Utter (AudioStorm Remix)
28. Jonatan Ramonda - Migrania (Sapiens Remix)
29. Dmitry Molosh - Obsession [Deepwibe Underground]
30. Enlusion - Wintergrasp (Original Mix)
31. Agustin Pietrocola - Jewels of Bless [Deepwibe Underground]
32. Agustin Lupidi - Second Sight (Andre Moret Remix) [PHW Elements]
33. Cream (PL) - Sun in Casablanca (Andrés Moris Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
34. Dhany G & Leo Perez - Amatista (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix) [Droid9]
35. Leo Perez ft GabyCgl - Madre Tierra (Gux Jimenez & Jab Vix Remix) [Nature Rec]
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