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drumaddict chicago9272


Cover (front)
  • Artist: DJ FALKON
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: Club/Dance
  • Length: 65:19 minutes (59.8 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 

Latest Club / Dance Hits in tha Mix
for more info

1. Adrian Sina ft Beverlei Brown - I Can't Live Without You(Hy2rogen Remix)
2. Naya Marie feat. Henny-M - Can You Hear My Voice (Mondo Remix)
3. Kamelia - Come Again (Screen Remix)
4. Mattias feat. Master Freez - We Gonna Play (Original Mix)
5. Milk Inc - Shadow (Danny Corten Remix)
6. Stefano Noferini _-_My Forbidden Game (Original Mix)
7. Andra & Andreea Balan & Connect R & Puya - Rollin (Original Radio Edit)
8. Tom Novy Feat. Michael Marshall - Your Body 2011
9. Inpetto feat. Max C - Move (Club Mix)
10. Munich House Mafia ft Tony Williams - Turn The Music Up (House Mix)
11. LMFAO vs Montell Jordan - This Is How We Party Rock
12. Rico Bernasconi & Beenie Man ft Akon - Girls (Combination Rmx)
13. Calvin Harris Ft. Kelis - Bounce (Extended Mix)
14. Bass Kicka - Bounce (Bassive Remix)
15. Andres Diamond - Don't Keep Me Waiting (Erick Violi Remix)
16. Brothers On The 4Th Floor - Let Me Be Free 2011 (Dj Cargo Vs Kei Morton Bootleg)
17. Pitbull ft Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me (Sleb Bootleg)
18. Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger(L-Dinero Bootleg)
19. Dennis Ruyer ft. Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (2011 Original Mix)
20. Sean Paul ft Alexis Jordan - Got 2 Luv U (Funk D Bootleg)
21. Qwote ft. Rick Ross - Stereo Love
Rating Average: 8.4 (26 votes)


one thing we've all missed

how did this mix end up in the 'a state of trance 2011' category? lol

oh my word

Personally I did agree with Munkyn and Falkon if you are reading this, be happy, you got more listens and downloads then mixes by big league deejays on here. So take it as a first step. There is a select group of us that really push content by uploading mixes on here. I wish more people would upload mixes because it would give us a bigger variety of stuff to listen to. Does the amount that I upload make me better than anyone, hell no but I will not stand here and allow the inmates to run the asylum. We make fun of ourselves, we make fun of each other and probably would take a greater piss out of each other, if we all ended up in a pub. We are all joined by the fact that we all love electronic music and if you did not, you would not post on this site.
Since I took the piss out of DJ Falkon mean I think the man is an idiot, NO. I think the guy has balls for posting a mix on here and personally I like the dude for having the balls to do so. 99.9% of people on here would not even have the balls to upload their mixes but he did and took the criticism quite well. Will he get better, damn right, do I like his mixes? No but they could improve and will improve. I am waiting for his next one, after he goes back to the drawing board. If I could help him improve then I would and any mix he would like feedback on that he posts, I will download it and give him my opinion, just because he had the balls to post it and deal with us pisstakers on here. So please stay falkon and contribute to our little community with your opinion and mixes and any other mixes by deejays, you got and we might like. Now Tomru can say what he wants, but you are not helping out for content, you just showed up out of nowhere. I am trying my motherfucking best to make threads that gets us talking or mixes that people might like. I want to improve this site, the best way I can. I am just married and broke, so I cannot really donate any money to the site but I am trying my best to improve it. In the end, you believe what you want and I shall believe what I want but if you do not help out the content then please just step aside. Then again, you may think otherwise but at the end of the day, it is all about the music.

@ munkyn / hmcmurren

whilst you guys suck each others cyber dicks - this guy was posting a mix he was probably quite proud of. not sure anyone gives a shit about your opinions? it wasn't to my taste but i didn't feel compelled to write an essay.

hmcmurren - you're married right? are you that bored with life?
cuntyn, sorry munkyn - no wonder you're single babe.

get a life both of you!

most of us on here just want to listen to the great music, not read your waffle.


ask me if I care and I don't tonru

care what you think, I don't need some half wit who's been a member for 2 years + to tell me what I should and shouldn't post. If you can't take criticism I suggest you crawl back under your stone where you came from...or perhaps contribrute to the site which you clearly don't or haven't

the internet....

... its serious business.

if you can't handle some trolling then maybe you should log off the internet. seriously.

don't come onto our site and tell us how to act.

We are the ones keeping this shit running.

Like someone said earlier, most people psot things on here and they don't recieve any feedback so you should be happy people took notice and are offering their criticisms. Or are you so much of a child that you need to run off with your tail between your legs when someone doesn't like your stuff.

you call us children yet you act in a way that suggests you are the child.

We were jsut having some fun, being sarcastic, like we always do, in many threads. if you actually took the time to poke around and read something other than your own stuff you post on here, you'd realize this.

Wait a minute!

Hold on a fucking minute. If you cannot deal with criticism then do not post your shit. We have a lot of fun on here making jokes because most of us are 30+ and married and have no time to get out and do anything. If you are looking for some warm and fuzzy feelings from everyone then it is not here.

I stand by my earlier comments. Some people play what you do and have great success to an under 18 audience who just want to dance. I thought you did.

I agree with Munkyn

Its a growing exp. dude. If you do not like us then feel free to leave. I love it here and I enjoy uploading and downloading shit. Its fun here

Now who the hell wants party at the disco with dj falkon at the decks!

I think ..

Way way to much of a mainstream mix....

Key to remember is also sequencing and track selection these days as anyone can drag and drop tracks with the technology around and produce a mix. I would suggest staying away from shithouse electro and so called vocal house because its so cliche and mainstream house of any level is utter bollox.

You want people to listen as the mix progresses, not get bored of it after 5 minutes.... which honestly I did

I don't blame you, Falkon, I

I don't blame you, Falkon, I wouldn't come back after that either. I am also astounded by the immaturity of the veteran posters here. My respect for the members of this site has plummeted.


Srry Guys,

You don't like my mixes....
You give a warm welcome (do you do that to all new members?)
The only one who give that kind of comment must be a child (exept The Shamen thx for that)
So my conclusion is that I have come to the wrong place, most of you r children i notice......
But you kids, don't worry this will be my first & last mix i post up here.
Don't need this kind of crap!

Fair Enough...

Falkon--the joke & dissing went on too long, I agree. Even so, a critical review is critical b/c there's something better you could do. Heaps of dodgy sets exist on MR & few get the tough love you've experienced. Could be that's b/c there's something worthwhile in what you've uploaded (I'll never know). Take the feedback on the chin & move forward. totus tuus

Wow, that's really harsh, guys

You may not like Falkon's music tastes, but seriously, there's no need to be so harsh. Personally, I like some more pop-style music to mix it up a little with everything else I listen to. Thanks for the post Falkon, I dig.

so who is coming to the under 18 disco with me

I need to do something crazy and this is it, too much werk!

DJ FALKON on the wheels of 1's and 2's playing choons

SO here is the list, should be a great time

Confirmed Going

Andy (wife's permission!)
Electroliner? (Needs wife permission)
Where's Waldo ?

If you are going, let's support our own. Let me know!

Should be legendary!

i cant wait to hear that.....

.... moves like jagger remix live!!!

my wife says ok

I can go to the party!. Just do not hit on any girls, they might be undercover cops.

o no

this is what people love just needs more deadmau5, i wish electronic music was not the cool thing. this mix is just helping merge shit genres such as pop and hip hop with good things. uhhhgggg

Under 18 discos??

Were when how do I sign up for some of that lol

srs question

do you dj at under 18 teenage discos?


Why? Do U want to come?

lol, if the wife gives me

lol, if the wife gives me the all clear i'll be there




Maybe wrong site to post my mixes.....

lol wtf is this shit?

lol wtf is this shit?


to be 16 again

what bloody club you play at...allages?

too damn commercial for my liking....