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I'm sure many of you will be thankful, we're switching to the European date format


Indeed it is!


MIXIOM is back!!!


please let me know if anything is not working right

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Getting Started with MIXIOM


MIXIOM is a community supported project, dedicated to archiving and categorizing free Electronic Dance Music (EDM), specifically in the form of "mixes" or "mixtapes". A "mix" is a group of musical tracks arranged by a DJ or artist and is meant for extended listening experiences.

Originally known as, the project started in 2001. In 2007 the project was rebranded to MIXRIOT and in 2022 evolved into MIXIOM. The site hosts over 14,000 professional DJ mixes and performances. A dedicated community of members upload and categorize the mixes in the archive.


Please consider becoming a MIXIOM ELITE member to help support the project. Membership gives you access to special features such as premium podcast feeds and unlimited downloading. Click the logo below to view the other benefits you will receive when you subscribe.


Users can stream from the website for free by clicking on any mix and then clicking the Play button. Unfortunately, the website was built before the age of mobile phones. Streaming from the website on a mobile device can be somewhat cumbersome.


To work around this problem, MIXIOM introduced Podcast Feeds. Our most popular shows have "Full Archive Podcast Feeds" that feature every episode in our archive, available right in your favorite podcast app. The feeds update automatically when new mixes are added. This has proven to be a great way to enjoy MIXIOM without having to visit the site repeatedly on your mobile device.

The podcast links found on the front page will activate after purchase, clicking them on an Apple device will take you right to the podcast app where you can subscribe to the feed.


Users can also download the mixes directly to their computer or mobile device for local cataloguing and playback. A MIXIOM ELITE membership is required to download. Click the "DOWNLOAD MIX" button on any mix page, or the ↓ (down arrow) for mixes in a table view.


Click the Add a Mix link in the navigation on the left. Choose a mix, enter a tracklisting if available, choose one or more styles of music, categorize in one of the available drop down menus (if no category fits then please select Miscellaneous > Promotions) and click "Submit." This will start the transfer but you will NOT see any sort of progress bar. Please let your browser sit as it uploads the mix. Only MP3, MP4, M4A and AAC files are supported.


MIXIOM does not host any commercially available products, performances or individual music tracks. The radio broadcasts and DJ performances MIXIOM archives are publicly broadcast for free. We view them as works of art that should be preserved and made available for the world, in perpetuity. MIXIOM members and admins volunteer their effort and time to maintain this nexus for others to enjoy. These works are available to users via fair-use doctrine for time shifting, historical preservation and educational purposes. None of the content MIXIOM hosts has been "fixed" or made physical and is not available for purchase anywhere. Users are not free to extract any content including single tracks for commercial or personal use. Membership on this site does not grant copyright ownership to the user. See the MIXIOM Copyright Policy for more information.