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Channel Tres RA mix is fantastic!

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Hernan Cattaneo @ La Rocca, Lier, Belgium, 02-09-12

  • Title: Live at La Rocca Ballroom, Lier, Belgium, 02/09/2012
  • Artist: Hernan Cattaneo
  • Year: 2012
  • Length: 2:06:31 minutes (115.85 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Rating Average: 8.4 (9 votes)


Dont blame them in the slighest

look at this way if they dont protect there exclusive stuff wot else have they got? any knobjockey can rock up with a load of pre recorded stuff and start "spinnig" via his laptop. I am all for people like Tenaglia and sasha protecting there sound, they have proved time and again that they have real talent and play for the love of music not for the fame/money, god knows theres enough of them out there deadmau/swedish house mafia et all.

fair enough

just a pity that they cant just play what they want and if it comes out online then so be it. music is there to be shared and listened to after all.

i dont necessarily agree with it though!

As Im well past going into clubs I'd prefer them to play their "true" set (whether on radio or not) so I can enjoy all the cutting edge stuff but I can see where they are coming from.

I can appreciate why they get angry

If they turn up and are told upfront that there will be no recording (either that or its requested and the club agrees to it) and then you play your set, throw down all your cutting edge tracks, edits and remixes, many of which arnt released and only you and a small number of people have.

And then a couple of days later your manager's telling you that the local radio station is going to air your entire set!

Its about honesty, and then getting screwed over by people who appeared straight with you.

Here;s DT angry response when it happeend to him.

" When I play, I often incorporate accapellas' and parts from masters that were given to me exclusively out of respect, or some may have been from my very own Productions. I have learned to be careful in what I use when away from clubs in NYC where I am 100% certain that I am not being recorded, and I feel I was still careful at Clorophilla because it's still hard to trust people, even if they give you their word, which is exactly what happened to me there. Upon my first listen, I heard the first 5 seconds and it was 100% me triggering an exclusive accapella I have of Celeda singing: Pick yourself up, Pick yourself up, I knew instantly it was me, as this event was only 2 weeks ago and I had not used that accapella it a very long time. This recording is 100% ME! There is no doubt whatsoever."


are they nervous about people editing live mixes and 'cutting out' individual tracks to release on the likes of soundcloud? seems a bit OTT to me, it used to be about listening to a dj, picking out some stand-out tunes and then waiting for them to be released. its all gone a bit too stiff these days.

Ive listened to this twice so far

its definately a quality mix. i'll give it a 9.

More and more, DJ's are very conscious about that. I remember Danny Tenaglia having a fit when he found one of his sets (from italy i think) was released online.

They;re happy to do radio shows (and sets which are aired as long as they are told about it beforehand). Sasha is another one, if you havent noticed when he does a set which is for Airplay hes usually well different to a normal set. He "hides" his exclusive stuff. The San Deigo set earlier this year which was a secret recording was brilliant full of exclusive material, but all his subsequent Aired mixes are piss poor.

I noticed it first at Creamfields a few years back. The 1st hour he played was intense and i didnt recognise not 1 track. Then the 2nd hour (which was part of the Radio 1 essential mix) was just the usual Cowpander crap.

true story

have read on a few other sites that apparently HC has tried his best to prevent this mix from being available online. one has to ask why? its a shame as i think this is the first live HC mix i've seen for at least a couple of years.

Not bad, not excellent either...

I've been listening to the live@yellow set on & off for the past couple years (?) & have to say that, even though it's 4yrs+ old, the live@yellow mix is much stronger than this set.

Surely the dialogue betweem DJ & audience was much richer, meaningful even, in Japan then what took place in Belgium. Call me a cracker but Belgium may have chocolate, tasty beer, moules frites, but in terms of a vibe, s@!*% bro, it's far from dynamic through the headphones. Something's amiss in Europe's progressive scene, evidently.

totus tuus

i agree

i was expecting 2 hours of melodic house/prog, similar to maybe the last 30mins of hernan's weekly resident show, but this mix never really gets going. some good tracks of course but not quite the headline set i thought we would get.