drumaddict chicago:

Also check out the Hardkiss mix I uploaded it’s the Shiznit !!! RIP Scott

drumaddict chicago:

Yes thanks for keeping this goin so long Creator - that Carl Cox 9 hr set took 1 hour to upload N-Joy everyone


Thank you! Glad to be of service.


Shoutout Creator, thanks for all your hard work :)


will check it out

drumaddict chicago:

Cheers to you RichTee there is a few more.... i sent you an email

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Hernan Cattaneo Vs Craig Album

  • Title: Craig Album Volume 18
  • Length: 121:54 minutes (139.51 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 

Atmospheric, deep and progressive - Hernan Cattaneo for 1 hour in to Craig Album for 1 hour... Enjoy

Rating Average: 9.7 (8 votes)


FAO aosper

Really good mix..Craig's in particular. Can I ask where the HC mix came from? Did your mate get to play with him...

FAO Electroliner

Hi mate - that's an exclusive mix hernan did for the gallery in london. Craig hasn't had rhe chance to play with him yet but intends to. Trying to get his name out there at the moment

Ok, cheers mate. Does he do

Ok, cheers mate. Does he do any of his own productions/remixing? Recently read an interview with Jim Rivers and he was saying its probably the best way to get DJ gigs these days...


not as yet, but you are right - that's a decent way to get yourself known. if you or your mates know of any nights that need his services, let me know?


dark, groovy and dreamy

Very nice!

Hernan & Craig

I typically find Hernan's sound better fits my groove then Craig but this pairing brings more of Mr. Album's serious beats to the fore--which is hardly a bad thing. The usual sprinkling of "handbag" dance w/female vocals & fluffy lyrics is replaced by more melodic prog w/minimal elements. It's an edgier, tougher, deeper vibe. Hernan's worldclass, to be sure, so the fact that Criag's set more than holds its own alongside the Argie is probably praise enough. Nice work, Craig Album!

thanks kfsoh

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. Although I do like a a 'fluffy vocal' I also love the tougher driving sound, showcased here. Appreciate the comments, hopefully you will see me behind the decks very soon. Craig