we should be able to get it sorted based on that site


it looks like mixesdb has them all though so i think its not really a big deal


and then i would have the dillema, do i just leave gaps or overlaps, or do i edit each one since 2012 to match the correct count


My biggest fear though was that there might be some debate on a few of them being counted as a single episode, which might throw off the count once I reached the modern ones that I started archiving again in 2012


Yeah i was using that page to make sure they are in order and numbered correctly

drumaddict chicago:

I’ve just been adding the ones I listen to over and over but now I will add missing essential mixes until I pass out

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drumaddict chicago13262

Ian Ossia - Live Ripe @Venue 44 Mansfield 1995

  • Title: Ian Ossia - Ripe Mix Tape 1995
  • Artist: Ian ossia
  • Album: Ripe Venue 44, Mansfield, Yorkshire
  • Year: 1995
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 119:17 minutes (109.21 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 
Rating Average: 6 (3 votes)


venue 44

rennaissance was at venue 44 but had moved to derby by 95,ripe was another club event from mansfield.venue 44 carried on holding vibealite nights a few years on into the late 90s.So im pretty sure this is what it says it is.I had been to rennaissance and ripe/limmos myself often.

1995 ??

venue 44 shut well before then !!


Venue 44 was still available for use in 1995. It was way past it's busiest, Vibelite had slipmatt birthday in April 1995 and another night july 1995.
Ripe was on one Friday night monthly at "Limmos" nightclub (2am finish). Dave Knowles had limmos up and running and leased venue44 and started "zest" all nighter early (feb) 1991. I think it was Nick Rodgers limmos DJ that put the sound system in the main room at venue44. Dave Knowles hired it out to other promoters starting with Geoff Oakes on saturday nights from march 92 for Renaissance, that took off like a rocket turning more away than capacity.
Friday night at Zest were never as busy after that and Dave knowles pack it in in 1993 on just leased venue44 after that.
Even Hot to Trot (another great night out)was only a monthly thing, once that had gone there was vibelite tomorrows world. It was a bit of a dive by then.

Ian Ossia was always a great

Ian Ossia was always a great party DJ. Love it! I have an absolute barnstormer of a set from De Ja Vu - Hull 95' i will upload.