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drumaddict chicago10292

Introducing Craig Album

Cover (front)
  • Title: Craig Album Vol_11
  • Length: 124:59 minutes (143.06 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)

This is a mix by a friend of mine - Craig Album. I have been trying to convince him to go full time for a long time. Hopefully your feedback will convince him to. Enjoy, Ad

Rating Average: 9.5 (4 votes)


Still strong 12 years later

Sometimes this site feels like opening a window onto a different era. Sometimes that's a wonderful thing. Long time Mixriot lurker here just wanting to say that Craig Album's mixes have been such a consistent bright spot, but even more so this weird year. Always thoughtful, varied, original, subtle and constantly dynamic. It's the amazing kind of music that has elegance and complexity without attention-grabbing pyrotechnics. Goosebumps. Love it, grateful for it. Thank you, Craig.


Thank you for such kind and meaningful words marea_alta.

It means a lot to me!


Craig album mix journey

So here I go - I'm going to listen to all the mixes on mixriot at least once beginning to end. I'm sitting here chopping away at work and boom, an airdrawndagger track came on and I was inclined to write how nice that was.


Love this mission Jefremides - that's a lot of hrs! Think they get better as they go on, but love to hear your thoughts.


:-) It sure is a lot of


It sure is a lot of hours hehe... I get 2-4 hrs a day in. Live @ T&H right now. Hard to believe these mixes are over 10 yrs old. Thank you for all of this incredible work. Be back to ya'

Perfecto !

Craig Album is prob my favorite DJ professional or non professional dj... I think I have listened to every mix he has on MIxriot and
I have never had a bad mix... so glad good music still is around... maybe i can get my best friend and bloke to do the same like Craig...

Here is his mixes -

Lenny Mauricio
SMDigital Partners

Este es perfecto

Gran trabajo, sonido de rechupete

This is mint!

Hats off to you mate, really good mix. Nice sounds, well programmed. Im off to check out December mix now. You really should get out and amongst them!

still givin this one plenty of air


agreed..... the dec mix ain't bad either!

very cool stuff

Wack Name, Nice Mix

Nice work, Craig. Sort of a progressive tekno sound, cleverly layered, themes quite enjoyable, long tunes. No 4-on-floor tedium in effect. I'll be returning to this again. totus tuus

Thanks buddy - appreciate

Thanks buddy - appreciate the feedback, glad you enjoyed. Check out the dec mix too. C


This has had me hoppin' round my apartment! Hot beats, locked on! Like the photo too dude! ;)

Ha - thank you

Ha - thank you