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drumaddict chicago13042

Jeff Mills - Essential Mix @ BBC Radio 1 June 7th, 1998

Cover (front)
  • Title: Jeff Mills EM 1998-06-07
  • Artist: Essential Mix
  • Year: 1998
  • Genre: Techno
  • Length: 117:56 minutes (161.97 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 48kHz 192Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 
Millsart - With [Axis - AX-12]
Millsart - Gateway Of Zen [Axis - AX 004]
Millsart - Gamma Player [Axis - AX-12]
Jeff Mills - Nepta [Axis - AX-015]
Jeff Mills - Cobolt [Axis - AX-016]
X-101 - Rave New World [Tresor]
Jeff Mills - Very EP (B2) [Axis - AX-016]
Fumiya Tanaka - In The Darkness
Marco Carola - Plastatik
Marco Carola - Fokus (C1) [Zenit 001]
Steve Stoll - GTI [NovaMute]
Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings #3 (B1) [Cosmic]
Jeff Mills - Cubango [Purpose Maker - PM-004]
Jeff Mills - Black Is The Number [Axis - AX-11]
Jamie Bissmire - The Rhythms Of Nature (B1) [Ground - GND 004]
S.B. Project Pt. II - The Primitive Streak E.P. (A2) [Cosmic - COS017]
Richard Polson - Episode EP (B1) [Surface - SF007]
Jeff Mills - Kat Race [Purpose Maker]
Marco Carola - Listen [One Thousand - OTS LP1]
Steve Stoll - Model T [NovaMute]
Jeff Mills - The Bells [Purpose Maker]
Marco Carola - Infinity
Angel Alanis - Subconscious Tango [Konsequent - KSQ003]
Jeff Mills - ? [Purpose Maker]
Marco Carola - Acid Tension [Primate]
Jeff Mills - Step To Enchantment (Nirvana) [Axis]
Fumiya Tanaka - Antibody [Torema]
Richard Polson - Episode EP (B3) [Surface - SF007]
The Previous - Roll [Tortured - PAIN005]
Bios - Basic Black [Black Nation - BNR260]
Adam Beyer - Stocktown City (B2) [Rotation]
Tony Dax - Repercussion [Theory - TR002]
Ben Sims - Retrovert (Hard Groove Mix) [Theory]
Regis - Escape From Yourself [Downwards - DNLP05]
Jeff Mills - i9 [Axis - AX-015]
Morgan - Flowerchild (Adam Beyer Remix ?) [Synewave - SW36]
Mr Sliff - Two [Jericho - jel 002]
Anthony Shakir - Systemic Advancing [International Deejay Gigolo - Gigolo 09]
Marco Carola - Submarine
Oliver Ho - Terra Incognita (B1) [Meta - META02]
Tony Dax - Repercussion (Herman Funker III Mix) [Theory - TR002]
Rue East - Summer Of Blood [Pure Plastic]
Sound Associates - Housecall [Tortured - PAIN 004]
Joey Beltram - SW37 (A) [Synewave - SW37]
Jamie Bissmire - The Rhythms Of Nature (B2) [Ground - GND 004]
Dan Morgan - Flowerchild
Regis - Escape From Yourself
Marco Carola - Fokus (C2) [Zenit - zenit lp 1]
X-101 - Sonic Destroyer [Underground Resistance]
Jeff Mills - Reverting [Axis]
Jeff Mills - Alarms [Purpose Maker]
Jeff Mills - The Fly Guy [Purpose Maker]
Marco Carola - Rebound
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