drumaddict chicago:

Also check out the Hardkiss mix I uploaded it’s the Shiznit !!! RIP Scott

drumaddict chicago:

Yes thanks for keeping this goin so long Creator - that Carl Cox 9 hr set took 1 hour to upload N-Joy everyone


Thank you! Glad to be of service.


Shoutout Creator, thanks for all your hard work :)


will check it out

drumaddict chicago:

Cheers to you RichTee there is a few more.... i sent you an email

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JPS - Retro Trance Vol.1

  • Title: JPS - Retro Trance Vol.1
  • Artist: JPS
  • Length: 70:33 minutes (64.59 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 

A trance mix with a driving groove featuring tracks from yesteryear either in original or remixed form. Party like its 1999! Hope you like :-)


1. Mauro Picotto - Pegasus (Tea Remix)
2. Paganini Trax - Zoe (Original Mix)
3. Ambassador - Fade (Original)
4. Oliver Lieb - Substraumstimulation
5. Yves De Ruyter - Feel Free (2007 mix)
6. Push - Universal Nation (Ferry Corsten Mix)
7. Binary Finary - 1998 (Ronski Speed Mix)
8. Neal Scarborough - Madagascar (Sophie Sugar Mix)
9. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Mix)
10. Bruno Fergani - Combined Forces
11. Freebase - Broken (Fire & Ice Mix)
12. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Original Megavoices Mix)
13. Fragma - Toca Me (Original Club Mix)

Rating Average: 8.6 (5 votes)


given the choice I would

given the choice I would rather have any O/S other than Vista, this smacks of other basket cases in the Windows repetoire ... 98, Millenium edition. Personally I use Linux (Ubuntu) as my primary O/S and it does more than I ask on 11 year old kit. I have XP on a dual boot eee netbook but thats only for one application that isn't ported to Windows.

I don't envy you having vista or having to use it. At work we use it in a corporate banking enviroinment and with the latest small form factor H/W and its still a slow,sloppy and lousy O/S.

Even if its a new machine/laptop, most big vendors provide H/W drivers that work in XP as I've built numerous hp,compaq, acer & toshiba laptops for friends all with XP.

Microsoft should stick to what they are good at, gaming short and simple!

RE: Vista. Agreed, there's

RE: Vista. Agreed, there's nothing about Vista that I particulary like, but it came installed on the PC when I bought it. I did request at the time for XP but wasnt available through where I was getting it, and as it was bought for cost price I couldnt complain too much..

Not being especially PC technically minded can I install XP myself without any problems?

specialhands I seem to

specialhands I seem to remember trying to install/configure audacity on my friends laptop and had a similar problem (and or input sources selection as well). I think with vista/MS they locked some functionality down, hence the issues you maybe having.

The only workaround (recommended to him regardless) I managed was to rebuild his laptop with XP as Vista I wouldn't credit as being a usable/worthy O/S.


Cheers, I did try but it still doesn't let me change anything. Wont give me the option.

I use v1.3 on Vista.

Audacity 1.26

Specialhands, I use the above version of Audacity and to change the bitrate go to:-


Then go-to 3rd tab:- "File Formats"

Look for "MP3 Export Setup" and change accordingly to whatever bitrate from the drop down menu,


Cheers fella

Been digging through all my old stuff recently and thought I should do a series of old school mixes...

As for the bitrate, I record to the PC directly using Audacity and cant seem to change it from 128kbps. If anyone else uses that and knows of a way to set it higher then give us a shout. Ta.

This takes me back

....many many good times had listening to these tunes :-D

Does what it says on the tin too!


(you not able to upload anything with a higher bit rate?)