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Paul Oakenfold @ Glo nightclub N.Y.C 10-07-2011

  • Title: Live at Glo Nightclub (NYC)-SAT-10-07-2011
  • Artist: Paul Oakenfold
  • Album: Live at Glo Nightclub (NYC)-SAT-10-07
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: Trance
  • Length: 62:07 minutes (92.64 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 208Kbps (VBR)
Style of Music: 
Rating Average: 5.2 (5 votes)


yes it all went...

ghetto, gangster cheese laden shite and they lap it up as the majority are ignorant about electronic music, just like the other week with Sasha @ spybar...crowd IQ was sharing the delegated brain cell all night!!!

what happend

is it the amercans that like this shit


was my favorite mix.... i remember it... is it on here, i remember it was on here months back mates but now its gone ;( , i think -


Did you ever see oakie at Amnesia in Ibiza,that was something else.

@ Andy

I'm gonna say this.. I have never came across a club that can match those times/atmosphere.. and i fear it will never be seen again .......

The courtyard

the main room then a bar ( large ) which led into a yard onto then the COURTYARD, with another large bar at the other end ( if you could get there ) locker rooms upstairs. Great club.. Great Atmosphere.. & Oakey... @ Andy wish you were there.. Not Forgetting the Annexe which was at the opposite end of the club from courtyard.. good little room in its own right.. Justin Robertson frequented often!!!

it was so intense

the courtyard was rammed, you couldn't move, but everyone was on the same frequency and oakie was tuned in as well, very very good old days clubbing!!!

what was it like munky

the atmosphere with oakenfold at his best.

I was ever so twisted...

dancing on the raised platfrom in the courtyard at creams birthday such awesome days!!!

Cream's 5th Birthday

That was top, fucking tongy and oakenfold playing both blinders...EM from Nov 1998

its quality if you are

deaf as fuck and have no taste in house music, would suit one of those teeny clubbers who think they know shit about house music


I'm guessing it is good then this set!

I had this on in the background

for 10 minutes and its sounded shit everytime I came in the room, sounds like alarm clock music with crappy vocals, possibly been spending time with DeadRAT...nonetheless utter bollox. If Oakenfold has any shred of credibility which by the sounds of it doesn't should roger off the US and head back to the UK or Europe and regain his talent, because its clearly lost.

The court yard at Cream 6th birthday seems a million miles away from this horrendous bollox anyone would call house music. I think he needs to listen to his "Fluoro" and then grow some as a DJ!!!


going back to pre 2002 does not count!


So now my mission is to find a great Oakenfold set..... I may have to go back a few years though... WATCH THIS SPACE!!

I think his life went downhill when

he got married in 2000, he got divorced at some point in the mid 00's. Funny tho, he had been with her since 1994, the good years. He got married and his career tanked, moved to hollywood for her career, got divorced and career is still is in the shitter. He needs to move back to London and forget playing Rain in Vegas (money must be great) and go back to playing the old shit, none of this whoring bullshit. Time to re-re-release bullet in the gun again and go back to the old fucking trance, get your hair back to the ugly 90's look (mullet at one pt). Start banging some fit young birds and get back to the old oakenfold and go back and take the world over again!


I saw him last year in Chicago, and it sucked... so did PvD that night, so I thought it was just the concert. I guess not.

Is this really him?

Where is the fucking energy?

This is what happens when you are the greatest damn deejay on the planet then you get bored, marry your longtime girlfriend Angela Costa (now oakenfold), I believe he had a kid as well and try to sound like the toss from today and you are too busy raking in the money, living in Hollywood and trying to become the next david guetta. Your new album has Cee Lo, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others, comes out in 2012. Your sets lack energy and the special floor destroying tracks that only you had and were never released until you played them out a la Carl Cox, Sasha and Digweed, not like how everyone plays everything today.

You gave some people, the greatest times of their lives. I never saw you live, you were past it by the time I wanted to go see you. Your 1994-2000 will live forever with those tracks!.

What happened to you Paul, your mixing was never great but you gave it a shot with the headphones at the front of your face. Now you are stuck with a bad hairstyle ending up as news on TMZ at LAX!.

Sort it out!


He's trying to sound like Armin. The tracks are going at the Armin pace and have the chunky tiesto style with the lame ass ferry corsten electro mixed in. How is that for a description. What happened Oakenfold? You used to be the greatest damn deejay on the planet, your mixing was pants but your tracks were off the fucking hook. Well back to GU004....time to delete this pile of shit.

total SHIT,

I never thort i would be saying the words total shit about paul oakenfold,one day im praising the fuck out of him for his global underground stuff goa mix etc then you hear this.Is it the new ministry of sound cd or has it been recorded from a cheesy club where you guaranteed a fight lol.


I cant believe he is capable of such garbage... it makes me sad :(