drumaddict chicago:

Also check out the Hardkiss mix I uploaded it’s the Shiznit !!! RIP Scott

drumaddict chicago:

Yes thanks for keeping this goin so long Creator - that Carl Cox 9 hr set took 1 hour to upload N-Joy everyone


Thank you! Glad to be of service.


Shoutout Creator, thanks for all your hard work :)


will check it out

drumaddict chicago:

Cheers to you RichTee there is a few more.... i sent you an email

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Sasha & John Digweed Northern Exposure 2 Tour 1997

Cover (front)
  • Title: Sasha & John Digweed - Triple J Mix Up - Northern Exposure Tour - 1997
  • Artist: Sasha & John Digweed
  • Album: Sasha & John Digweed - Triple J Mix Up - Northern Exposure Tour - 1997
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 174:34 minutes (399.66 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

For all yee old heads :)

[000:00] 00. JJJ Interview
[004:50] 01. Sasha & Maria Naylor – Ther Other Side (Promo Version)
[016:28] 02. Fade – Heaven To Heaven (Delta Dub)
[025:54] 03. La Paloma – Dove Beat (Ocean Mix)
[033:44] 04. Franco & Grimm – Forbidden Planet (Roland Klinkenberg Mix)
[041:24] 05. Hector – Exit Acid (Razormaid Mix)
[043:23] 06. Jayn Hanna – Lost Without You (Edge Factor Dub)
[048:05] 07. Chris Domingo – Believe
[056:37] 08. ID
[061:44] 09. Sunday Club – Paladian Dawn (Edge Factor Mix)
[068:05] 10. Slacker – God Damn Noise
[075:51] 11. T Era – El Tren (Slacker Transporto Mix)
[083:34] 12. Salt Tank – Swell (Eden)
[086:50] 13. Slacker – Your Face (Promo Version)
[092:29] 14. Sian – Stronger Together (Slacker Dub Mix)
[098:29] 15. Ispirazione – Psalm
[105:12] 16. Guya Reg – No Time (One O’Clock)
[110:14] 17. Arkana – House On Fire (Andy Ling Aryan Vocal Mix)
[121:25] 18. Art Of Trance – Kaleidoscope (Sunday Club Lens Of Atlantis Mix)
[128:39] 19. Quietman – Now & Zen -split @ 130:53-
[132:35] 20. Led Zeppelin – Babe (I’m Gonna Leave You)(Quivver Mix)
[140:35] 21. Slacker – Scared (Of Tomorrow)(Mix 1)
[143:56] 22. Slacker – Scared (Of Tomorrow)(Mix 2)
[147:03] 23. Love Club – The Journey (The Light Mix)
[153:03] 24. Blue Amazon – And Then The Rain Falls (Andy Ling Soviet Dub)
[160:58] 25. React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Bedrock Mix)
[170:03] 26. Bedrock – Forbidden Zone
[171:22] End of set U2 – She Moves In Mysterious Ways
[174:54] END
Rating Average: 9.3 (21 votes)


track ID #8

Track ID for #8 (the last unknown tune from this mix) ...

Div'A - NY (Ricky Dark mix)

You're welcome! :)


I am lost for words. AWESOME!!!



I got a copy of this about 3

I got a copy of this about 3 years ago, blew my socks off, probably the best set i've heard recorded of them. The two Northen Exposure nights they did at the Sugar Shack in Middlesbrough in 96'+ 97' were unbelievable, especially the first. I always love what they do, but this is them at they absolute finest. An era of music for me that cannot be rivalled. True Pioneers.

Praise the lord!

one of my fave mixes of all time! bought this on tape at a record shop in middlesbrough,i couldnt get it on my ipod cos i no longer av a tape deck! praise the lord 4 this upload,cheers mate.Brings back those sugar shack days at the empire!

Trobule Playing

any body having trouble playing this ? the play icon disaapears when i press play. any sugestions ?????

sasha and digweed

sasha and digweed dance-music for the future,mixing er up and keeping er lit hotmix..


No boder ravenor! Nice wen sum1 writes good comment :)

Cheers Mixer180

This is fantastic!!
Anythin from these two at that time is top draw! Music never got any better than this ;)


In case some of your are music snobs like meself, and love to study track listings and crossreference artists synonyms and monikers and aka's, then you'll see a few remixes listed above by Edge Factor. For those that don't know, Edge Factor is Markus Schulz and CL McSpadden. Markus Schulz while living in Phoenix, AZ in the 90's worked for a Top 40 mix show radio network called Hot Mix where Markus met CL McSpadden. CL went on to produce many tracks for Limbo, Hook, and later Plastik Records, which was owned by Markus Schulz until it folded in early 2001. Other Markus aka's are Dakota and Himmel.

wow..a classic!! i went to

wow..a classic!! i went to see s&d on this tour over 1000 people on a tuesday nite packed into the sugar shack...legends

Sasha & Digweed, excellent

Sasha & Digweed, excellent vintage full bodied gem!!


Great piece to have in the collection, especially in one contiguous file. Recorded near the end of the epic house era, the sytle is groovy progressive house and not nearly as dark or edgy as their what was being caned 5 years later in the Delta Heavy Tour. I still enjoy this flavour of the S&D sound, which is all the more impressive given the fact that it's 3-4 decks & a dat (or at least it was when I caught the lads on this tour!). totus tuus