drumaddict chicago:

Also check out the Hardkiss mix I uploaded it’s the Shiznit !!! RIP Scott

drumaddict chicago:

Yes thanks for keeping this goin so long Creator - that Carl Cox 9 hr set took 1 hour to upload N-Joy everyone


Thank you! Glad to be of service.


Shoutout Creator, thanks for all your hard work :)


will check it out

drumaddict chicago:

Cheers to you RichTee there is a few more.... i sent you an email

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Sasha & Laurent Garnier - Live at Eclipse, Coventry, 1991-06-21

  • Title: Sasha & Laurent Garnier - Live at Eclipse, Coventry, 1991-06-21
  • Artist: Sasha & Laurent Garnier
  • Album: Live at Eclipse, Coventry, 1991-06-21
  • Year: 1991
  • Length: 66:04 minutes (60.49 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Style of Music: 
Rating Average: 8.1 (6 votes)


DJ Sasha & Laurent Garnier @

DJ Sasha & Laurent Garnier @ Eclipse, Coventry 21-6-91 + MC
*** Sasha ***
1. Brainstorm - Help Me To Believe (B side of rock the house) moby alias
2. The Formula - Exploded (Original Mix) (Vinyl Solution)
3. Leftfield - Not Forgotten (orig)
4. Leftfield - Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) (v briefly)
Whitney Houston - Wanna Dance With Somebody (v v briefly being scratched in)

5. Mozaic III - E-Gasm "were gonna have an orgasm"
6. Thelma Houston - Throw You Down (Down For The Count Dub)
7. Rebel MC - The Wickedest Sound (Swemix Dub) "who goes there"
8. Young MC - Know How (Inst)
9. Congress - 40 Miles (Inst)
10. Raze - Basspower (accapella)
11. K Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery (Remix)
12. Bizzare Inc - Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) 2 copies
13. Philadelphia feat Michelle - Keep Watchin (briefly)

14. Jimmy Crash - Free Style Groove (Nu-Groove) briefly
15. Freefall - Feel Surreal (FFRR)

*** Laurent Garnier ***
16. Chuck Roberts - Can You Feel It (accapella) "in the beginning, let there be house"
17. Creative Thieves - Nasty Rhythm (Sashas MFI remix)
18. Clubland Feat Quartz - Lets Get Busy (Pump It Up) (G Beat Mix) "move your body" piano
19. Man Machine - Denkimi Shakuhachi
20. Corina - Temptation (mix) "you make me feel"
21. OX1 - Lets Work That Mutha F**ker (Rhythm Beat)
22. Fierce Rulin Diva - You Gotta Believe (in Something)
23. Go Bitch Go! - (Work This) Pussy
24. Sue Chaloner - Answer My Prayer (For Sexy Mixing Only) "sexy dancer, come on" female
25. DJ Selector And Extensive - Select The Rhythm "there is no such thing as house music"
26. M&M - Please Dont Stand In My Way
27. Joe Smooth - Promised Land
28. Vienna - Tell Me (Inner Space Mix) rising airy sound
29. Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night
30. Miss Nicky Trax - Sweet Sensation (Extended Mix) "where is the love, how can u have trust in me, im not in love"
31. Incog-Needle - One Desire (briefly)