yeah we're working on fixing that. the old system stopped activating accounts automatically so time to figure out a new solution


Joining elite seems to be broken


I like the new font!


All good stuff drumaddict! Thank you!

drumaddict chicago:

Also want to say it’s Very nice to see Dodisman start posting again Very Cool

drumaddict chicago:

I just have a large collection it’s an addiction for me and it’s doing nothing sitting on external drives

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drumaddict chicago13102

Sasha - Live at Ushuaia, Ibiza 8-19-2010

  • Title: Sasha - Live at Ushuaia, Ibiza 8-19-2010
  • Artist: Sasha
  • Album: Live at Ushuaia, Ibiza 8-19-2010
  • Year: 2010
  • Length: 78:06 minutes (69.89 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 125Kbps (VBR)
Rating Average: 7 (3 votes)


matey I wouldn't bother

matey I wouldn't bother trying to edit all the bollox out of that mix, its past recovery. I don't have the patience to listen to it knowing all the mindless chat and drivel, a shame really as I may of got to like it

matey kudos for uploading

matey kudos for uploading buts its absolutely terrible to listen to, skipped thro it won't waste time listening to it. Its like one the Moshic mixes from last week, absolutely amazing tracks ruined by radio shithouse jingles and moshic harping in every 5 minutes absolutely pointless

Yeah, those Moshic mixes you

Yeah, those Moshic mixes you uploaded were dope! Loved the White mix.

I sat on this Sasha mix for about a week before posting it (bc of the talking). It's actually a decent mix from Sasha - clearly not his best, but good nonetheless, and therefore, after futher reflection, I finally decided to upload it. If you can put aside the talking, give it a listen . . . you might just like it! :) [I try to just tune the BS out :) ]

Agree with the Moshic

Agree with the Moshic comments, it was the 2nd Anniversary one that had alot of chat, unfortunately I u/l before listening to it, wont be making that mistake again!

Shame about this Sasha set, there's no need for it, all we wanna hear is choons!

Spanish Radio shows should

Spanish Radio shows should be banned, to much bollox ruins the mix, this is not the first of loads of Sasha mixes spoilt by inebriate Radio show so called DJs who have nothing better to do than broadcast the sound of their own voices let alone all the radio jingle crap that they do as well....

on a musical side, I'm not particulary keen on it very dull. One point voted for the upload by Mallam!!!!

I almost didn't even upload

I almost didn't even upload this mix because of the talking. I don't understand why Spanish radio "personalities" think they're as important as what they're playing . . .

Hehe, thanks for the point, munkyn! :)

If anyone has or can find a version without douche-bag chatter, please post.

Dude, I agree with the talking comment.

Really, really distracting. It's like STFU already!

way too much talking during

way too much talking during this mix...had to turn it off.