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All good stuff drumaddict! Thank you!

drumaddict chicago:

Also want to say it’s Very nice to see Dodisman start posting again Very Cool

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I just have a large collection it’s an addiction for me and it’s doing nothing sitting on external drives

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drumaddict chicago13052

Scott Henry - Live @ Dreams of Goa

  • Title: live @ Dreams of Goa
  • Artist: Scott Henry
  • Album: live @ Dreams of Goa
  • Year: 1995
  • Genre: Mixtape
  • Length: 86:21 minutes (197.64 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

Scott Henry - Live @ Dreams of Goa (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) 1995.

01. Sleepy C - Come On
02. ATOM - Plus 1
03. Love Inc. - Cosmic Indifference
04. ??? - ???
05. 2DJs & Sleepy C- Phunkafied Acid
06. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Jens Mahlstedt remix)
07. Aquarhythms - Heart Seqs (RITM remix)
08. Firefly - Supernatural (DJ Wink's rhythmic acid journey)
09. ??? - ???
10. Johnny Moy - F**Dat
11. Southside Reverb - Fuck You We're From Texas EP
12. ??? - ???
13. Essit Muzique - Essit Muzique
14. Winx - How's The Music (___ remix)
15. Sweet Drop - Acid People (slamming the 'e' remix)
16. Sunstone II - Deep and Refreshing
17. Size 9 - I'm Ready (remix version)
18. Boston Bruins - Raise Your Hands (Mindwarp's symphony mix)
19. Amos - Let Love Shine (Cleveland City tuff mix)
Rating Average: 10 (2 votes)


Dreams of Goa

Dunno who he is but I was at this event, ended up dancing so hard that I tweaked my knee! Was training with a showcase soccer team the following afternoon, knee felt a bit tired, wonky...rested a few days & then, on the Thursday night at footy, tore the PCL pulling an audacious move!

My life ended up taking a turn I'd never expected--the experiences & the journey, however, for which I'm eternally grateful. If these tunes get me moving again & my knee starts to tremble, I'll know it's all been Scotty's fault =/

totus tuus

mixtape ...

This was recorded from a mixtape I bought from Raymond Francis (if you were a raver on the east coast in the early and mid 90's then you might know who he is).

It’s Raymond Frances not

It’s Raymond Frances not Francis he’s from overseas probably dead now wow Fusion Productions I’m from Chicago I knew him I robbed his tape booth many a times and even pulled a tag team effort on him NYE 1995-1996 in Rockford he suckhe’s the one who recorded the events without the djs knowing It - pissed them all off when they found him selling their performances especially The one we all know as Sasha he was extremely pissed off he stopped many others from doing the same and whines to this day