drumaddict chicago:

Also check out the Hardkiss mix I uploaded it’s the Shiznit !!! RIP Scott

drumaddict chicago:

Yes thanks for keeping this goin so long Creator - that Carl Cox 9 hr set took 1 hour to upload N-Joy everyone


Thank you! Glad to be of service.


Shoutout Creator, thanks for all your hard work :)


will check it out

drumaddict chicago:

Cheers to you RichTee there is a few more.... i sent you an email

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Wez G - Summer Shiftin'

Cover (front)
  • Title: Summer Shiftin'
  • Artist: Wez G
  • Album: Summer Shiftin'
  • Year: 2009
  • Genre: House
  • Length: 79:45 minutes (92.32 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)

Summer is upon us. Festival season, bar-b-q's, beaches and sunshine. This mix has a lot of remixes of big bands and also showcases some of the talent we are working with at Shuffle. Following the tracklisting are links to buy some of the tracks. Also - this is the first mix which includes a Wez G production... Doesn't quite fit with the standard of the rest of the music but I'm happy with Paptrap at this early stage. Get a loud sound system, load up on some bevvies and blast your neighbours away to the sounds of 'Summer Shiftin'!

1. Minus Blue ft. Emma Saville - Be As One (Original) [Phunctional Loungin]
2. Chris Reece - Overflow (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
3. Chris Isaak - Dubbed Out Games (Trentmoller Remix) [White]
4. Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are The Worst Thing in the World (Sasha Invol2ver remix) [White]
5. DJ Lion - Mania (Underground Sound of Bulgaria) [Remixator Records]
6. Wez G - Paptrap [Shuffle Records]
7. Andrelli Blue - Transparent feat. Hila (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Armada Music]
8. Victor Imbres & Tricia Lee Kelshall - Feel That (Original Mix) [Greenlight Recordings]
9. PJ Doherty - The Voice [Harlem Trax]
10. Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place (Paul Oakenfold New 2008 Remix) [White]
11. Danny Howells - Laid Out (Fully Horizontal Mix) [Dig Deeper]
12. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Acapella) [White]
13. Denis A - Cuba (Original Mix) [DAR]
14. Michael Jackson - Mama Say, Mama Say (Wanna Be StartinG Something Sample Loop) [White]
15. U2 - With Out U Or With U 2008 (S.T. Unreleased Remix) [White]
Rating Average: 10 (1 vote)