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What's your DJ setup?

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10 Aug 2021 - 15:135984
What's your DJ setup?
I'm looking to up my DJ setup game and wondered what everyone has at home? I have a very basic setup at home - but then im not a DJ (or more accurately, its not my profession) and i just do things in my spare time. I do the Lockdown Mixes for this site (now moving to New Horizons mixes since UK lockdown is finally over!!) and just play around in my spare time.

I have a Reloop Beatpad 2 which i plug my iPhone into - so when im mixing i'm sometimes having to fiddle about with a small phone screen, which is very annoying! I use the djay app on my phone and that integrates with Soundcloud and Beatport for my tunes

I'd like to move to a controller + laptop setup, moving away from my phone. I've briefly looked into controllers but it looks like you need to choose your DJ software first and then that path dictates what controller you get (serato/rekordbox etc)

I thought about getting the Roland DJ-505 controller because it has the awesome drum machine but the reviews are mixed for it (no pun intended)

But thinking about this a little more - wouldn't it make sense to use a controller + software which can integrate with Soundcloud and Beatport as that is where i get my music from?

Any thoughts or ideas would be great - thanks!

15 Sep 2021 - 14:275985
Pioneer DDJ-SX/Macbook Pro/2x Technics Mk3s
Hello Saint - I bought a Pioneer DDJ_SX mid 2010s, used and it made DJ'ing fun again for me.. I've had a RANE mixer with Technic Turntables since the 90's, but I'm pushing 50 so I needed something that brought me into the digital world. It came with Serato and I see now that Pioneer is making the push to squeeze them out for its own Rekordbox. Not sure which is better, but I'm sure if you searched on Reddit Rekordbox vs Serato you'll get an ear full...

My set up : 4 Channel DDJ_SX, 2x MK3s Technics and a Macbook running serato with Itunes as the Music database. I also play around with Ableton + Push.

I'm not a professional dj so this works for me. I'm not lugging any gear with me nor do I need to plug in to a club's existing rig..

Personally adding a controller changed how I Dj and it's night and day better from my turntable days. Just being able to mess with playlists/smart crates over time to curate a set that flows how I like it is a game changer. For me Dj'ing is like a puzzle. It's about finding the right tracks that flow and build the vibe. Controllers w/digital crates make that happen. At the same time buying digital music was also a game changer for me. I'm all for vinyl, but being able to buy any song old or new is brilliant. Vinyl was always forced demand due to limited supply..

If you're not doing professional work I'd recommend finding something used and going from there.

-Two Sandals

15 Sep 2021 - 14:275986

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18 Oct 2021 - 07:555987
thanks for the reply! i've decided on a Pioneer DDJ-800 but can't seem to get hold of a new one until next year due to stock issues - may try eBay!

22 Nov 2021 - 11:415988
I'm wondering what advancements are out as my DDJ-SX is almost 10yrs now.. Looking at the DDJ-800 looks cool.. Good luck finding a used one. I'm out of Florida now and it seems like there's a ton of used stuff, so maybe I'll upgrade :]

28 Dec 2021 - 11:165993
HAH this'll do the job..
dope af..

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